Tractate on a School Mount

Tractate on a School Mount

Book Title: Tractate on a School Mount

Author: Alexander Nevzorov

Format: Paperback | 104 pages

Publication Date: 03 Aug 2012

ISBN-13: 9785904788162

When a man appears on the back of a horse, he takes some sort of a position, and this position has its own features. This position is called a "seat." It is believed that there are many different types of "seats." Special seats for show-jumping, for trail riding, for bullfighting and so on and so forth. To put it mildly, that's not true. There are not many different types of seats; there are a great number of perversions on the topic of "seat." There are too many of them, and unfortunately all of them are factors that lead to "uncomfortable and then painful sensations" for the horse. If you put any man on a horse without a saddle, you will always get approximately the same seat. It can vary a bit due to some anatomical peculiarities of the individual man or horse, but its principle will stay the same. It will be a very deep seat with absolutely relaxed leg, with the toes pulled down and out a bit with fixed thighs. This will be the most natural seat. Alexander Nevzorov is a famous journalist, film director, scientist, writer and horseman. He is founder of the Horse Revolution and Nevzorov Haute Ecole - the art of horsemanship in its highest form, where he has managed to keep the tradition of Classical School horsemanship without a bit or bridle for riding in collection.