Mardock Scramble 1

Mardock Scramble 1

Book Title: Mardock Scramble 1

Author: Tow Ubukata

Format: Paperback | 202 pages

Publication Date: 23 Aug 2011

ISBN-13: 9781935429531

"I'd rather be dead." Rune Balot was a lost girl with nothing to live for, when a man named Shell took her in and cared for her... until he tried to murder her. Standing at the precipice of death, Rune is saved by Dr. Easter, a private investigator, who uses an experimental procedure known as "Mardock Scramble 09." The procedure grants Balot extraordinary abilities and now Rune must decide whether to use her new powers to help Dr. Easter bring Shell to justice, or if she has the will to keep living a life that's been broken so badly. Includes special extras after the story!