GWT in Action

GWT in Action

Book Title: GWT in Action

Author: Eric Ries

Format: Paperback | 500 pages

Publication Date: 19 Feb 2013

ISBN-13: 9781935182849


The Google Web Toolkit allows developers to create perfectly optimized JavaScript Ajax applications. The complexity of web applications can be pushed and development and maintenance costs reduced V by harnessing the tooling advantages of Java and by letting GWT generate the JavaScript application code.

GWT in Action, Second Edition is a detailed tutorial that covers the powerful Google Web Toolkit. It begins with a rapid-fire introduction to GWT and Ajax, then moves on to key elements of GWT such as widgets, events, history and debugging. It discusses the latest thinking in application design and best practices, such as MVP, Dependency Injection, and Optimization. By the end of the book, developers will have the knowledge they need to deliver the functionality of their next project more quickly and efficiently. KEY POINTS

Detailed coverage for experienced GWT developers
Easy to understand introduction for beginners
The ultimate GWT resource


This book is written for Java developers, but no prior experience with GWT is required.


Ajax is a collection of technologies that is hugely popular because it lets developers build rich web applications. However, it comes with a cost: browser incompatibilities and JavaScript. The Google Web Toolkit automatically translates Java into JavaScript, making Ajax applications easier to code and deploy. This enables developers to easily create perfectly optimized JavaScript Ajax applications.