Bringing Up a Bilingual Child

Bringing Up a Bilingual Child

Book Title: Bringing Up a Bilingual Child

Author: Colin Baker

Format: Paperback | 188 pages

Publication Date: 10 Jun 2014

ISBN-13: 9781910125243

'Bringing up a Bilingual Child' is aimed at (existing or soon-to-be) parents in families where more than one language is spoken, as well as anyone in the extended circle of family and friend of such multilingual families, as well as for anyone coming into contact with them. The aim of the book is to help multilingual families to create a supportive environment for children in which they naturally grow up to speak more than one language. The intention is to give you an easy-to-read-and-use guide to multilingual parenting, providing motivation, ideas, advice and answers to any questions parents may have.