Shakespeare's Flowers in Stumpwork

Shakespeare's Flowers in Stumpwork

Book Title: Shakespeare's Flowers in Stumpwork

Author: Jane Nicholas

Format: Hardback | 272 pages

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2015

ISBN-13: 9781863514811

This embroidered border was inspired by the painted border of a letter
written by Lady Anne Clifford to her father in 1598 - the time of Elizabeth I and Shakespeare. Worked
on ivory silk satin, in stumpwork and surface embroidery, this design features
fourteen assorted flowers and fruits popular at the time, including the
Apothecary rose, Sweet briar and Heartsease, Barberries, Bellflower, Borage and
Periwinkle, Cornflower, Gillyflower and Knapweed, and Grapes, Plums,
Redcurrants and Strawberries. As in the original letter, the panel is outlined
with pairs of fine red lines - these have been worked in back stitch. This
border may be used to surround a mirror, or to enclose a special photograph, a monogram,
a precious memento, or perhaps a tiny stumpwork figure.