The Hope : A Guide to Sacred Activism

The Hope : A Guide to Sacred Activism

Book Title: The Hope : A Guide to Sacred Activism

Author: Dr Carolyn Baker

Format: Paperback | 254 pages

Publication Date: 07 Sep 2009

ISBN-13: 9781848501065

Sacred Activism is compassion in action - the blending of physical work with spiritual intent to create a holy force and fusion of humankind's greatest achievements and principles.

With over thirty years' experience living a lifestyle that promotes change through compassion, including under the guidance of the renowned Tibetan adept Thuksey Rinpoche, Andrew Harvey explains how to combine the foundations of wisdom with the power of love in action to create a better world of meaning, empathy, strength and joy.

The Hope will give the most practical possible help to all those who realise the urgent truth of our world - that these troubled times offer a gateway for dramatic and positive change - and who want to act as effectively as possible from wisdom and compassion.