Gamekeeping: An Illustrated History

Gamekeeping: An Illustrated History

Book Title: Gamekeeping: An Illustrated History

Author: John Cowan

Format: Hardback | 240 pages

Publication Date: 01 Nov 2014

ISBN-13: 9781846891892

A fascinating and comprehensive book on the history of gamekeeping from the late seventeenth century until the present time, offering unique insight and an accurate record of gamekeeping in times past. * Aimed at gamekeepers, sportsmen, shooters, and anyone with an interest in country life or countryside history* Invaluable work of reference for the gamekeeper, the history student, the social historian, and those interested in life in the country estate* Includes snippets from tape recordings of gamekeepersa (TM) testimonies, contemporary newspaper clippings, and extracts from historic documents* Beautifully illustrated throughout