Animal Machines

Animal Machines

Book Title: Animal Machines

Author: Melanie Joy

Format: Hardback | 224 pages

Publication Date: 01 Dec 2013

ISBN-13: 9781780642840

Ruth Harrison's Animal Machines now a unique historical classic, had a profound impact on public opinion and the quality of life of farmed animals when it was published in 1964. * Reprinted in its entirety, gives an accurate, and sometimes shocking, account of intensive farming in the 1960's, still current in large parts of the world today. * Harrison's work greatly increased public awareness of animal welfare and led to legal reforms, shaping our closer understanding of farm conditions today. * Provides a fascinating insight into the system we continue to live with as the global population increases. * Includes foreword by Rachel Carson and new chapters by international experts in animal welfare including Marion Stamp Dawkins, discussing the book's significant legacy and impact today.