Moral Empowerment : In Quest of a Pedagogy

Moral Empowerment : In Quest of a Pedagogy

Book Title: Moral Empowerment : In Quest of a Pedagogy

Author: Jenabe E Caldwell

Format: Hardback | 412 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jan 2018

ISBN-13: 9781618511119

In Moral Empowerment: In Quest of a Pedagogy, Dr. Sona Farid-Arbab's illuminating work is carried out on the basis of two central premises: that we live in an age of transition from humanity's childhood to its maturity, and that a fundamental characteristic of this age is the growing consciousness of the oneness of humankind. Taking these premises to heart, Farid-Arbab explores a philosophical framework capable of guiding educational programs seeking the moral empowerment of students. Such efforts focus not only on the development of the students' capacity to pursue their own intellectual and spiritual growth, but also on the students' active engagement in the long-term transformation of their communities. Drawing on the experience of FUNDAEC--a Baha'i-inspired organization whose work in the field of education and the empowerment of populations has been ground-breaking and influential--Farid-Arbab examines concepts such as power, understanding, integration, and capability in the light of relevant philosophical literature, and makes an invaluable contribution to discourse in the fields of education and community development.