Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches

Book Title: Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches

Author: Donald W. Jones

Format: Paperback | 384 pages

Publication Date: 30 Oct 2018

ISBN-13: 9781617295171


Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure transfer data and application hosting to remote virtual servers, reducing the cost and risk of maintaining your own data center infrastructure.

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches gets readers started by breaking down the most important concepts and tasks into 21 bite-sized lessons, complete with examples, exercises, and labs. They'll be productive immediately, and when they finish they'll be well on the way to Azure mastery!

Key Features

* Creating virtual machines and web apps

* Running scalable and redundant applications with scale sets and Cosmos DB

* Cloud-native applications with Azure container solutions

* Azure AI and machine learning


Readers should be comfortable with a modern operating system like Windows or Linux and the general design of a web application.

About the Technology

Azure provides over 100 pre-built services for tasks like creating specialized databases, machine learning, supercomputing, pay-as-you-go computing, and template-driven web applications.