Kubernetes Cookbook -

Kubernetes Cookbook -

Book Title: Kubernetes Cookbook -

Author: Kelsey Hightower

Format: Paperback | 150 pages

Publication Date: 01 Apr 2018

ISBN-13: 9781491979686

If your organization is preparing to move toward a cloud-native computing architecture, this cookbook shows you how to successfully use Kubernetes, the de-facto standard for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. With more than 80 proven recipes, developers, system administrators, and architects will quickly learn how to get started with Kubernetes and understand its powerful API.

Through the course of the book, authors Sebastien Goasguen and Michael Hausenblas provide several detailed solutions for installing, interacting with, and using Kubernetes in development and production. You'll learn how to adapt the system to your particular needs and become familiar with the wider Kubernetes ecosystem. Each standalone chapter features recipes written in O'Reilly's popular problem-solution-discussion format.

Recipes in this cookbook focus on:

Creating a Kubernetes cluster
Using the Kubernetes command-line interface
Managing fundamental workload types
Working with services
Exploring the Kubernetes API
Managing stateful and non-cloud native apps
Working with volumes and configuration data
Cluster-level and application-level scaling
Securing your applications
Monitoring and logging
Maintenance and troubleshooting