The Round Book : Rounds Kids Love to Sing

The Round Book : Rounds Kids Love to Sing

Book Title: The Round Book : Rounds Kids Love to Sing

Author: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

Format: Paperback | 136 pages

Publication Date: 31 Aug 2006

ISBN-13: 9780874837865

Recognized as Bowker Best Books for Young Children & Winner of Storytelling World HonorThis handy paperback presents 80 songs designed to be sung as rounds. Each one appears on an uncluttered page or two, illustrated by a simple ink drawing. From sixteenth-century tunes to contemporary camp songs, the selection is rich and varied, and the appended bibliography, "More Rounds for the Avid Singer," suggests other books and recordings. Song leaders will find the clearly written suggestions for round singing particularly helpful. A fine resource for school music teachers, choir directors, camp leaders, and children who sing for the love of it. School Library Journal wrote, "The selections are written in such a way that the staves are connected and numbered to denote each part...MacDonald's more sophisticated book seems geared to adults who would be leading the singing. Somewhat static black-and-white drawings open up each chapter. Overall, the introduction and instructions on singing rounds plus the appended history, advice for directors, additional suggestions of rounds, and a title/first-line index help to make this offering useful for most collections."