Sitting Ducks : With Free Poster

Sitting Ducks : With Free Poster

Book Title: Sitting Ducks : With Free Poster

Author: Jez Alborough

Format: Paperback | 40 pages

Publication Date: 25 Jun 2001

ISBN-13: 9780698118973

Day after day, brand new ducks roll off a giant assembly line operated by alligators at the Colossal Duck Factory. They are loaded into trucks and taken to Ducktown, where they are fattened up in preparation for their final destination--into the stomachs of alligators. Everything proceeds smoothly, until the day one of the alligators decides to take a wayward duck home. Over time, the alligator grows fond of his future dinner. Can a duck and an alligator really be friends in an alligator-eat-duck world? Find out in this charming and humorous friendship story.