Aramis, or the Love of Technology

Aramis, or the Love of Technology

Book Title: Aramis, or the Love of Technology

Author: Nina E. Lerner

Format: Paperback | 336 pages

Publication Date: 01 May 1996

ISBN-13: 9780674043237

Bruno Latour has written a unique and wonderful tale of a technological dream gone wrong. As the young engineer and professor follow Aramis' trail--conducting interviews, analyzing documents, assessing the evidence--perspectives keep shifting: the truth is revealed as multilayered, unascertainable, comprising an array of possibilities worthy of Rashomon. The reader is eventually led to see the project from the point of view of Aramis, and along the way gains insight into the relationship between human beings and their technological creations. This charming and profound book, part novel and part sociological study, is Latour at his thought-provoking best.