Of Mutability

Of Mutability

Book Title: Of Mutability

Author: William Sieghart

Format: Paperback | 64 pages

Publication Date: 06 Jan 2011

ISBN-13: 9780571254712

Jo Shapcott's award-winning first three collections, gathered in `Her Book: Poems 1988-1998`, revealed her to be a writer of ingenuous, politically acute and provocative poetry, and rightly earned her a reputation as one of the most original and daring voices of her generation. In `Of Mutability`, Shapcott is found writing at her most memorable and bold. In a series of poems that explore the nature of change - in the body and the natural world, and in the shifting relationships between people - these poems look freshly but squarely at mortality. By turns grave and playful, arresting and witty, the poems in `Of Mutability` celebrate each waking moment as though it might be the last, and in so doing restore wonder to the to the smallest of encounters.