Computer-Controlled Systems : Theory and Design

Computer-Controlled Systems : Theory and Design

Book Title: Computer-Controlled Systems : Theory and Design

Author: B.P. Lathi

Format: Paperback | 576 pages

Publication Date: 14 Dec 2011

ISBN-13: 9780486486130

Practically all modern control systems are based upon microprocessors and complex microcontrollers that yield high performance and functionality. This volume focuses on the design of computer-controlled systems, featuring computational tools that can be applied directly and are explained with simple paper-and-pencil calculations. The use of computational tools is balanced by a strong emphasis on control system principles and ideas. Extensive pedagogical aids include worked examples, MATLAB macros, and a solutions manual (see inside for details).
The initial chapter presents a broad outline of computer-controlled systems, followed by a computer-oriented view based on the behavior of the system at sampling instants. An introduction to the design of control systems leads to a process-related view and coverage of methods of translating analog designs to digital control. Concluding chapters explore implementation issues and advanced design methods.