Making Birdhouses : Easy and Advanced Projects

Making Birdhouses : Easy and Advanced Projects

Book Title: Making Birdhouses : Easy and Advanced Projects

Author: Norm Marshall

Format: Paperback | 80 pages

Publication Date: 13 May 2005

ISBN-13: 9780486441832

This practical guide for building birdhouses contains plans for more than fifty attractive and useful structures -- from a one-room house for bluebirds to a forty-two-room structure for purple martins. In addition to instructions and diagrams for constructing houses for such avian varieties as robins, wrens and chickadees, the easy-to-follow text also provides suggestions for feeding devices, bird house materials, methods of finishing exteriors, and winter care for birds.
An authoritative, how-to book that will appeal to beginning and veteran woodcrafters alike, Making Birdhouses also features a supplement with easy projects for novices -- among them simple structures for woodpeckers, a box for robins, and an "A-frame" for nuthatches. Plans for houses made from such common objects as gourds, a flower pot, tin cans, and an old lantern are also included.
Detailed instructions and diagrams assure successful completion of projects that will satisfy builders as well as their feathered friends.