Penny Arcade 6

Penny Arcade 6

Book Title: Penny Arcade 6

Author: Jerry Holkins

Format: Paperback | 136 pages

Publication Date: 20 Jul 2010

ISBN-13: 9780345512277


Gaze, if you dare, in benumbed awe upon its unfathomably cyclopean dimensions of obsidian impossibility. Cower before its undulating, multitendriled tales of unutterable horror. Receive into trembling hands that which the nameless ancients foretold in dread whispers that echo still across the black and terrible chasm whence forgotten time disgorges its haunted secrets, etc. Behold--the sixth tome of the Penny Arcade cycle! Peer within and find
- 2005's full-color Penny Arcade strips in their behemoth entirety!
- The soul-chilling ramblings of its warped, only partially human creators!
- And more, which no coherent mind could fathom nor human tongue repeat!