The Student's Guide to Research Ethics

The Student's Guide to Research Ethics

Book Title: The Student's Guide to Research Ethics

Author: Mark J Revd Cartledge

Format: Paperback | 224 pages

Publication Date: 19 May 2011

ISBN-13: 9780335237975

Why should every researcher consider the ethical implications of their work?What constitutes ethical research?How can best practice be maintained throughout a research project?
This reader-friendly book examines the ethical issues and questions that occur in university and professional research and will help both beginning and experienced researchers to identify ethical issues when they are conducting research.The book thoroughly examines the broader ethical issues that arise throughout research, from the design stage through to data collection and analysis. It also investigates topical issues such as content, confidentiality and ethical questions in the dissemination of research. There are also discussions of ethical theories as well as case studies that highlight dilemmas and how they can be avoided or resolved. This new edition is thoroughly updated to reflect the greater emphasis researchers must now place on ethics and includes information on:

Ethical concerns of the internet and technology Regulatory frameworks and research governanceEthical requirements of funding bodiesThe involvement of research participants in research designCodes of ethics within different disciplines
'Ethical Dialogue' and 'Ethical Dilemmas' boxes feature throughout the book in order to highlight key issues. There are also further reading sections at the end of each chapter as well as expanded coverage of plagiarism. The Student's Guide to Research Ethics is an invaluable tool for both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as professionals who research as part of their jobs.