Inu x Boku SS, Vol. 6

Inu x Boku SS, Vol. 6

Book Title: Inu x Boku SS, Vol. 6

Author: Cocoa Fujiwara

Format: Paperback | 176 pages

Publication Date: 20 Jan 2015

ISBN-13: 9780316322133

To get better acquainted--and, in some cases, reacquainted--with each other, the residents of Ayakashi Hall spend the last weeks of summer break at a seaside vacation spot. Between beach basking and tests of courage, Ririchiyo slowly warms to her new cohorts, but the one resident who never seems to betray his emotions is Miketsukami--and the group is determined to fix that! Will her efforts to unmask Soushi expose the truth of who he is--that is, who he is not?